Xunting Bike Foot Mini Pump 140PSI Bicycle Tire Presta&Schrader Valve Floor Pump for Road Bike MTB Pressure Gauge Accessories


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About This Item

✅ REAL-TIME PRECISION BAROMETER — The bicycle pedal pump is designed with a real-time precision pressure gauge, up to 160PSI display data, which can accurately show the pressure inside the inflatable object in real time, so as to avoid over inflating and protect the inflatable object.



✅ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL VALVE — The bike pump can inflate varieties of tires since it’s compatible to presta and schrader valve. The various air valves and air needles provided with the pump support it to inflate swimming rings, basketballs and other inflatable products.



✅ STORAGE BOX ON THE PUMP — The designed storage box on the tire pump provides a convenient position to store your valves. By this way you won’t lose the accessories by placing them at random. The design solve the problem of missing small accessories perfectly.



✅ ALUMINUM ALLOY BARREL — We adopt the aluminum alloy for this bike pump for a longer service life, the material is more durable than other material for bike pump. we also adopt the anodizing process on the surface of the pump so it’s not easy to get rusty.



✅ DURABLE&ANTI-SLIP — Along with the quality of the barrel, we have used a high quality, frost and heat resistant material to improve the quality of the bicycle pump hose and the contact surface with the bottom of the foot. This material improves the durability of these areas and also enhances the non-slip nature of the contact surfaces, preventing your foot from slipping when pumping.


Mini foot pump

High pressure rapid inflation            Maximum air pressure 140PSI             Thicker chassis more stable

Durable&non-slip           Multifunctional valves                 Thickened foot anti-slip mat

Compact & easy to carry

Multi-functional nozzle

High precision gauge

Silicone material for anti-slip

Heat and frost resistant air strip

Aluminum pump barrel

1.Valves for multiple nozzles        2.Insert the corres-ponding air nozzle        3.Insert and press down on the latch


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