Transparent Gear Tank Toy Mechanical Battery Operated Race Car Large Electric Armored Car with Brilliant LED Light and Music


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Bullet Points:
1、Transparent Tank Toy: The appearance of this Transparent Tank Toy is very unique. Its body is transparent, and the colorful gears inside can be clearly seen. These gears will rotate with the movement of the car. Children are easily attracted by bright colors and moving gears. When this toy moves, it will lead the children to chase and crawl to exercise their athletic ability.
2、Safe and Durable: This tank toy is made of ABS material, which is odorless, safe, and durable. This Transparent Toy Tank Car is designed with a tank body, which is cool in appearance and very fun, so it can easily attract the attention of children.
3、Change Direction Automatically: Our tank toy has a very powerful motor, it has a fascinating bump function, and it is very flexible. When this Transparent Tank Toy hits an obstacle, it will automatically change direction. When this toy is moving, there will be lights flashing, and music can be played at the same time. So that children can experience the fun of the game.
4、Fun and Operate Easily: There is a control switch on the bottom of our toy tank. This toy is very fun and easy to operate. It has three gears, the first gear is to turn off the power, the second gear is to turn on the music and lights, and the third gear is for the car to start moving.
5、Great Gift: Whether you are giving your child as a gift or encouraging your child as a reward, this tank toy is an impressive gift. Children who receive this gift will definitely be very happy.

Product Name: transparent gear tank toy car
Product Material: ABS and electronic components
Product Features: lighting. music. universal driving. enlightenment puzzle
Product Size: about 21*12*9CM
Product Weight: about 350 g
Product List:
Transparent Gear Tank Toy Car *1


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