Ronin R-860 Gamers Earpods


If You’re Tired Of Hearing Your Own Voice During Gameplay, Need To Speak Over Voice Chat, Or Are Looking For The Best Gaming Earbuds That Won’t Introduce Lag Into Your Gameplay Then Ronin’s R-860 Is Made For You!




The Ronin Gamers Earpods are made for gamers who need to cut the cord and be free. We’ve crafted them with cutting edge design and state-of-the-art technology like 4 taps gaming mode and neon lights, all to ensure you’re not wondering around the house looking for where you left those darn Bluetooth earpieces. Built with low latency and a custom 1-year warranty, we’ve got your back as well as your ears


Connectivity Type

TWS Bluetooth

Usage Time

420 mAh Case Battery Capacity
40 mAh Each Earbud Battery
(Up to 4 hours continuous Gameplay)

Charging Time

1 Hour




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