Ronin R-222 Micro-USB Plug & Play OTG Connector


Ronin’s R-222 Is The Unique OTG Connector That Facilitates Its User To Connect The Devices Such As USB, Gaming Consoles And Other With The Micro-USB Device Without Installing Any Additional Software.

The Easy-To-Connect System Couple With Its Fast Data Transferring Ability Makes It Both An Effective Well As An Efficient OTG Device.




Direct connectivity to Micro-USB Devices: unlike other OTG connectors the R-222 Micro-USB does not require any additional software or an external app to be connect with devices. This increases its expediency in use by many folds.

Plug and play: R-222 OTG connector enables its users to enjoy swift connectivity of their Micro-USB device or Android devices to different devices or gadgets including USB, gaming consoles, and other mobile phones.

High transfer rate: R-222 provides a high transfer rate to transfer data and media from or to other devices, cameras, and USB to and from the IOS device.

Stylish design: R-222 along with its ease in use, have a visually appealing design makes it the best and stylish option to choose as an OTG connector.




Supported Devices



Stylish & Durable

Plug & Play Connectivity



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