R-615 Efficient Charger


R-615 Efficient Charger: Ronin R-615 Bringing The Real Revolution In Your Charging Experience. Ronin R-615 Efficient Mobile Charger Is The Best, Durable, And Safe Option For Fast Charging Of Your Mobile. Its Elegant Design Makes The Charger Presentable And Beautify The Desktop Or Table Setting Where It Is Being Used.





Product Features:


High speed charging:

Ronin R-615 comes with 2.4 Ampere capacity making it a charger with maximum yet safe range of fast charging ability.

Auto ID protection

The auto ID feature provides the ultimate protection to your device from over charging and overheating.

Dual USB port output for IOS and Android:

Ronin brings the R-615 with dual USB output port with cables available in all IOS, android, Type-C and lighting variant versions. Choose according to your ease and requirement.

Elegant design:

R-615 provides an amazingly mollifying and elegant design to match with your taste and desktop layout. Its design makes it a beautiful gadget that perform its function efficiently and pleasingly.

Highly durable:

The strong and good quality hardware makes it the most durable and efficient charger. The safe and durable R-615 is the best mobile charger for hassle-free users.


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Ronin R-615 Efficient Charger
  • 1 x Cable



2.4 Ampere

Cable Type

Micro USB, Type-C, Lightning




2 x 2.4 Ampere USB Ports


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