Derma Shine Pedicure Soak


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Derma Shine Pedicure Soak nourishes and softens the skin of your feet, toes and heels leaving it smooth and supple. Our Pedicure Soak opens the pores of your feet, removes and cleans-off the dead skin, softens cracked heels and locks in the moisture. A pedicure is designed to provide the basic grooming for your toes, make them healthy and clean. It helps to soften the flakes and callouses on your feet. Pedicures are effective in cleaning the dirt off our toes, exfoliating the dead cells and in removing the calluses. Our Derma Shine Pedicure Soak revitalizes the skin making it less prone to developing cracks and blisters.

It is the best product for smooth and soft feet.


  1. Apply the Derma Shine Pedicure Soak on your feet
  2. Leave the soak on your feet for some time
  3. Rinse your feet to remove the soak
  4. Now your feet are ready for the next phase of Pedicure

Contains :

  • 200 ML X 1 Tube


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