Derma Shine Aloe Vera Face Wax Strips


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Derma Shine Face Wax Strips / Facial Hair Removal Wax Strips 

For All Skin Types

Easy To Use

Smooth Skin For Up to 4 Weeks

20 Strips With 2 Finishing Wipes 

How To Use :

  • Warm the hair removal strips by massage between hands for 5 seconds.
  • Tear the hair removal strips apart slowly. The strips can be used repeatedly.
  • Apply the hair removal strips to the skin with hair along the direction of the hair growth.
  • Warm the strips by rubbing your finger on applied area.
  • Rip off the strips rapidly against the direction of the hair growth ( for example, from face to chin ).
  • Rub finishing wipes on skin after removal and apply moisturizer for a smooth glowing skin.


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