Baseus Clean Garbage Bag for Back Seat of Cars




Baseus – car trash bags, keep your car clean

Flush Mount
Seat Headrest & Dual Purpose Seat Back Pocket
Tear & Use
Includes two rolls of trash bags

Car seat headrest and dual purpose seat back pocket

Garbage bags with a clip, strong and secure.

2L Large Capacity. 1 sachet for 1 day, 2 rolls for 40 days of use

* Note: provide 40 trash bags, when the trash bag is used up, you can buy the bag

Metallic materials, prettier appearance

The shell is made of metal, improving the texture to better match the interior.

Rotary storage design, more space saving

A Small Rotating Storage Tube
Take up little space to store garbage bags

Note: Keep the edge of a garbage bag outside the opening for convenient use next time.

Take out of the bag, tear up and use

Simple method for immediate use.

Multiple guarantees, robust and durable

High strength PE
Anti-tear not easy to break.

Sealing strip
Tight bottom seal, water filling without leakage.

lock Fixed garbage bag
Note: can be filled with at least 2 bottles of mineral water less than 300mL.

Installation steps

Slider design
Adjustable length from about 0 to 18cm.

Secure on a headrest
Loop diameter of about 10-14.5cm.

Hang on a back pocket of the seat

Replacement of Garbage Bags

1. Turn counterclockwise to remove the rotary shaft cover labeled “change”.

2. Align the center axis of the garbage bags with that of the rotary axis and push into it.

3. Follow the direction of the arrow and turn clockwise to close the rotary shaft cover labeled “change”.

Use / clean

1. Remove the “Reset” end of the rotary shaft and a garbage bag.

2. Push the “Reset” end of the rotary shaft back to secure the garbage bag.

3. Tear off the seal to use it

4. Remove the garbage bag after use.

Hidden Trash Bags

1. Remove the “Reset” end of the rotary axis.

2. Follow the arrow to rotate and store the garbage bags.

3. Push back the “Reset” end of the rotary axis.

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