Baseus Car Metal Gravity Mobile Phone Holder




Pls Note

1. This is a gravity holder, it only supports vertical position, and the phone is attracted by the gravity, so the phone can’t be held tightly.
2. There are 2 versions of the holder, Car CD Slot Type and Air Vent Mount Type, pls check carefully before buying.

Two Choices For You

Type 1 : Fix Position : For Car CD Slot
Type 2 : Fix Position :For Car Air Vent Mount

No Blockage To Your View And No Excessive Heat

Reliable And Not Dropping

Do not affect music playing

The CD player can work normally when the holder is mounted at the CD slot

Light And Elegant Aerial Aluminum Alloy

Made of aerial aluminum alloy with the same craft as Mac, it has good touch and tasteful look

Gravity Traction And Automatic Loosening

It fastens upon placing and loosens upon picking
The gravity of the mobile phone makes the clamp automatically fasten

Triangle Fixed Without Fear Of Bumps

With triangular stability, it adapts to bumpy road conditions like speed bumps, sudden braking, and rugged mountain roads
It reliably grips the phone no matter how the car bumps

360 Degree Rotation

The omnidirectional rotating sphere ensures 360° adjustment of point of view

Not Damaging Your Car And Phone

The buckle, the clamp and the foot pad are all covered with silica gel and don’t damage your car or mobile phone.

Designed With A Charging Hole

The charging hole allows you to use while charging

Product Sizes

Picture 1 Product Size : 10CM*11.5CM*9.5CM

Picture 2 Product Size : 9.9CM*10.2CM*9.3CM

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