Baseus Bullet On-Board Magnetic Bracket


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The Bullet Magnetic Bracket is a beautiful and highly presentable in-car accessory, allowing for simple mounting and dismounting of your mobile device using magnetic attraction. Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy, the circular arc appearance and precision cutting and CNC polished surface are absolutely stunning.

An advantage this type of mounting has over the more traditional arm closing brackets is that you can achieve true 360-degree rotation for both portrait and landscape viewing. In addition, this mount is highly versatile in where you can place it. Any flat surface of your dash can accommodate the bullet easily.

To install – simply peel back the film at the base of the mount to reveal a 3M adhesive pad. Please note this pad can be attached and reattached numerous times without damaging your dash. Next, place the Bulletin position.

To prepare your phone for installation you will need to attach the small guiding patch to the back of your device. This is what allows the magnetic attraction to work.

Now all you need to do is place your phone on the bracket and the 4 Rubidium magnets inside it will do the rest.

The patch itself avoids the induction coil and therefore does not interfere with wireless charging.

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